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Unlock tourism revenue

If you’re interested in diversifying a patch of your beautiful land to start earning tourism income, then you’ve come to the right place.

Most of our partners are busy farmers who have been interested in getting into tourism for a while, but it’s stayed in the too-hard-basket due to the time commitment and upfront capital required, and uncertainty of ROI. 


They want to diversify into tourism for different reasons, but for most of them, the desired outcomes are cashflow, reduced risk, and the opportunity to share their story. 


Does this sound like you?


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Frequently asked questions

Q: Who can host a Patch site?

A: Anyone with a rural property that has ALL of these: 

(1) a beautiful natural setting and a great view 

(2) a flat place to park and enjoy the view 

(3) sealed or quality unsealed access - or feasibility to improve access.


Q: What is a Patch campsite?

A: It’s an authentic experience in nature for road trippers who want to escape the tourist crowds. Each of our sites includes a tidy flat place to park, and a few small touches to help guests make the most of the experience (these may vary but usually include accessories like a solar lantern and a sign indicating where to park). Premium sites include an amenity pod with a composting toilet and shower.


Q: How does the marketing work?

A: Once your site is approved, Patch staff will guide you through gathering the information we need to build your listing - simple things like photos, directions, information about gate access, and a story about what makes your patch of the world special. This listing goes on our website along with other special scenic campsites, and is also shared with various marketing partners to get the word out.


Q: Do I have to communicte with guests?

A: Patch does all of the communication with guests before they arrive on your property and after they leave. If they have questions during their stay, they’ll know how to reach you (depending on your preference).


Q: What do I have to do?

A: All you need to do is allow access to our guests whenever they’ve booked to use the site, and do a 30-minute (average) site check in between stays. (Details provided in host procedures). It’s nice if you say hello to the guests at some point during their stay, but they know they’re on a working property and don’t expect to be greeted on arrival or ‘hosted.’


Q: Do I have to pay anything?

A: No - Patch delivers everything to your site, and removes it if you decide to stop hosting. The only upfront cost to you is whatever preparatory work is needed to make your site accessible by a large 2WD vehicle.


Q: How do I get paid?

A: Similar to AirBnB or other marketplaces, we operate on a revenue share model. Guests search, book, and pay for their stay on our website, and hosts get a direct payment every time a guest arrives on their property.


  • Self contained sites - you get 70% of each stay revenue. Patch keeps 30% to cover marketing and customer support costs. 

  • Sites with amenity pod - you get 30% of each stay revenue. Patch keeps 70% to cover amenities, marketing, and customer support costs. 

  • Additional add-on activities (farm tour, breakfast, local honey - or whatever you want to deliver!) - you get 80% of each booked activity revenue. Patch keeps 20% for marketing costs. 

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